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This is the real deal, real SUV tires, not small hard plastic imitations. Our swings are Eco-Friendly, we rescue them from the scrap heap, recycle them, and turn them into a really fun product that can be enjoyed for years.

This is the only web site that will assist you in your selection.

 E-mail me or give me a call...always ready to help.  

We have tried to make this web-site a fun place to visit. Please enjoy your stay.

Our prices start at $99.00 for the Large 3 point , 4 point, or Vertical  tire swing.

FREE PLAY SET PLANS...Build your own Swing set if you do not have one. Easy to do with detail plans.

You have come to the most complete tire swing site on the internet. We offer more choices, share more information, and offer the most swing options available so you make your tire swing as unique as you want it.   We offer 4 swing types, 10 swing colors, 4 chain choices, a heavy duty support systems to hang your swing, and friendly service.  We offer a no obligation price quote on all our swings and options. Most items ship within 3 business days.

  The 3 point Tire Swing Comes Complete with three 5-Foot length of chain, Securely  attached to the tire for your child's safety. We provide a smooth top surface on our 3 point tire swings. No hardware is attached on top of the swing. Side mounted hardware provides the most secure method of attaching the chains to the tire and will never rip out. This mounting method also provides a safe clutter free top surface area.  No one else provides this type of unique hardware side mounting. 

The System also includes a Colored Coated Tire at no extra charge, (Do not get an uncoated tire unless you like Tire Black on your youngster) a poly coated chain Support System (Heavy duty chain is also available) with a Ball Bearing Spinning Swivel and Connecting Hardware.  This means that the chain will not bind up like our competitions swing will. Our swivel rotates a full 360 degrees (Their swivel is a fixed three piece unit, no ball bearing swivel is offered). 

Our swings are fully assembled and ready to hang from a tree limb or swing set.  We can add more chain if needed at a nominal charge. We provide the complete package, no need to run out to the hardware store for additional hardware connections. We send you exactly what you need, no guessing what is required.

Optional rubber clad safety grips (approximately 2 feet on each strand) are available (see examples of our Soft Rubber Clad chain by clicking here ).

The 3 point tire swings have a weight limit of 250lbs ,  and the vertical swing has a limit of 800lbs.

Grandparents, the kids will love you even more when they come to visit, and it will keep them busy.

We offer a lot of options and swing types, if you need a little help ..please call me for advice and possible choices. I will try my best to help you pick out what you need. ..........    Just ask for the Tireswing man ..Herb  (978-685-4609).   Always glad to chat.   You can also visit the FAQ page for many answers to your questions.

You can even personalize your swing with your youngsters name on top of the tire swing.  Nothing says, "You're Special" like a personalized gift !  It shows you went out of your way to find the perfect gift and personalized it to make it theirs alone.

Our tree swings have an adjustable support system so they can be installed easily. This applies to all our tire swings.

We even have a 3 point swing that converts to a Vertical swing. Two swings in one. We are the only source for this unique convertible tire swing.  (PP)                                                                                                                                                                    No one else makes this unique tire swing....TWICE the FUN !!

Double your pleasure !!

The Best Buy for sure !

     Place your tire swing order by e-mailing me..requirements are on the page.

    Once you send me your e-mail with your requirements, I will return your request with a detailed quote reflecting your choices.   If you like my quote, confirm your choices by sending me a confirmation e-mailing and I will send an invoice for the agreed price. You will be swinging in no time.

    We have been making the swings for over 9 years and would like to make one for you. 

    Our EBAY feedback rating is over 460+ with a 100 percent perfect rating.

    Tree swings are our specialty. We supply all you need to hang them.

    If you are comparing our swings to our competition, please check the size of their swings. We supply a Larger swing at a much lower cost. No one wants a small useless tire swing.  Yes, size does matter.  We even offer an Extra Large.

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    These are all soft Rubber Recycled tires, not a hard small Plastic imitations. Buy a tire swing and save a tire from the scrap heap.

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Tire swings can also help Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD..  It is used frequently by many OT's and schools for sensory input, thus helping children with balance/equilibrium development. The irregular spinning /rotary movements are alerting in nature.   Autistic children really enjoy this swing and we have had reports of many smiles.

You can hang these from a Tree Branch, from a Wooden Play-set, from a Joist in your Basement or even under your Deck.  We have also heard of a few hanging in bedrooms, We do not advise hanging tire swings in the attic since ceilings are expensive to replace and Dangling feet are not a pretty sight.  No place to hang it ??  Check out our page.

Need help in measuring the height of the tree limb ? Click   

Tree Limb too high ??   We can supply instructions & materials to hang a tree swing from the ground.

Be sure to ask about this when you order your swing. There is no extra cost for this service.   No one else offers this.

Need help in hanging a tree swing ?  

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We Clean and Pressure Wash each tire.

The tire swings are Coated inside and out with a nontoxic coating for your Child's Protection. ..(Absolutely no tire black)

Holes have been drilled on the Bottom side of each tire to allow Rainwater to Drain out and keep the tire dry inside.                         

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 Makes a great BIRTHDAY or Holiday gift You do not have to pick it up or put it away. It never gets in your way and you do not have to clean it. It does not need batteries and there is no need to wind it up. No one will take it and everyone can use it. You can sit on it, lay on it , stand on it, swivel it, swing it, share it with a friend, and you look good doing it. Perfect fit for all and you cannot out grow it. Can be passed down and will never rust or give you a wood splinter. No need to paint it, spackle it, mend it, darn it, or sand it.  THE PERFECT GIFT  ??

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 Remember, a tree swing is a community really attracts the neighborhood kids so be prepared for lots of fun.  


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