You will need to select your swings options, before e-mailing me. Details can be viewed  for clarification by clicking on the button beside the tire swing option offered.

3 Point Systems (Rotates 360 degrees with HD swivel hook, the swing will also go back and forth)

Select your

large or extra large

Select your tire swing

Cherry Red,   Royal Blue,  Glossy Black, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, or Plum Purple

Select Chain type / Color

 Select Silver Heavy Duty Chain:

We also offer a  

with a few different options.  

are available for the poly coated chain and Heavy Duty chain. It is recommended for the younger swingers.   (Green, Orange  or Black)        

Why do I need soft rubber safety grips ? 

The youngsters will hold on tighter & the rubber encased chain will provide a smooth surface to grip.

 of your Youngsters or any anything else can  be applied to the swing .  

Use Your Credit Card on Paypal. (anyone can use Paypal) or a Money Order or a personel  Check..please do not send cash..

Swing storage and security system. 

Click here for a Detail Price List

Please let me know where the swing will be hung. Play Set, Tree Limb, Deck, Basement , Play Fort, or Bedroom. I want to be sure it will fit your application.

This is an example of what I need to know before I can send you a quote for a 3 point tire swing.

Shipping address zip code: NNNNN

Tire size Large (holds 2+) or Extra Large size (holds up to 3)

Swing Type: 3 point

Swing Color :  Hunter Green Glossy Black, Cherry Red, Royal                                                                Blue, Plum Purple or Kelly Green

 Chain color:   Silver Heavy Duty Chain  (standard equipment)

Soft Rubber safety grips: (None, Yellow or Black for the HD chain.)

Swing will be hung from: Tree limb NNft from the ground or a Play-set

Youngsters Name:  None or  name(s) that will appear on the swing.

Heavy Duty Swivel:  (STANDARD EQUIPMENT)

Swing-Away: Yes or No.



I will e-mail you back with an itemized break down of the cost for each item, including shipping and estimated delivery time. We may also suggest different options that are available for your consideration.

Once you confirm your order, I will send an invoice to you via Paypal.  We supply complete instructions about how the process works.

 If you have any questions, please phone me at  978-685-4609. I am usually available between 9 AM and 5 PM daily  (Eastern Standard Time)

    Please do not forget the zip code. I need that for shipping cost and delivery schedule.

If you are hanging a 3 point swing from 

a tree limb, please visit our