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 Please  note..most pictures show top mounted hardware, we now mount all our hardware on the side on the tire for a secure connection. 





little-girl-on red-swing-framed-fence2

How do I get

out of this

thing ???

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  Extra Large


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A Large

Glossy Black  

with White  

Lettering &  

Yellow Chain.  

A Large

Cherry Red  

with White  

Lettering &  

White Chain.  

A Large Royal

Blue Vertical

Swing with  

White Lettering &  

Metal Safety Handles.  

More Verticals

A Large

Royal Blue

Classic Swing  

with Yellow  



A Large

Plum Purple  

Classic Swing  

with Green  



The face

tells it



 Yes... it is a

Bedroom swing.

A large 4pt Burgundy

tire swing with white

chain & optional 

clear rubber safety grips. 

3 swingers on

a Cherry Red

tire swing with

Heavy Duty chain.

Tire Swing with Kiddos[-X1

Please note the side

mounted hardware

which provides a secure 

& clutter free connection.

A Large Royal

Blue Vertical

Swing with  2 

Metal Safety Handles  

& Heavy Duty Chain.  

A Regular

Red Vertical  


with Yellow  

Heavy Duty  



3 Young Ladies

on a 3pt Green

Tire Swing with  

Yellow Chain.  

cindy 002

A Large Kelly

Green 3pt tire swing

with Heavy Duty chain.  

A Large 3pt

Royal Blue  

with Green  

Chain &  

Green Grips.  

A Large 3pt

Cherry Red  

with Green  

Chain &  

Green Grips.  

 If the tree limb is too high to secure the swing with a ladder, we can supply detail instruction to accomplish this task from the ground.  It is not too hard to do and can be done in a few minutes.  We even send the supplies to do it at no extra charge. Be sure to ask for instructions, if you need them.

Your favorite team.

Your youngster's name(s).

A Large Royal Blue

tire swing with Yellow

chain & optional 

Green Rubber Safety Grips. 

Don't have any

Tree Branches  !!

Note the joist hangers 

supporting the 4" x 6" beam. 

A Large Glossy 

Black Tireswing 

with Green Poly

Coated Chain &

Green Rubber Grips

A Large Hunter

Green tire swing

with Yellow chain.  

We can supply

a Cherry Red, Royal Blue,

Kelly Green, Hunter Green, 

Glossy Black, Plum Purple, 

or Burgundy Tire Swing. 

4 Point Single Axis

 tire swing for swing sets.

They connect to your 

existing anchor points 

on your play-set. 

I love my job,

I 'll  never Re-tire !

They don't

get much cuter.

A Large Cherry Red

Vertical Tire Swing

with 2 Large Metal

Safety Grip Handles. 

We offer Yellow

Premium Heavy

Duty Safety

Grips for the

Heavy Duty Chain.

Hunter Green 3pt/convertible Tire swing with HD chain and premium HD Yellow Safety Grips.

We also offer

Black Heavy

Duty Safety

Grips for the

Heavy Duty Chain.

A young swinger on a

Plum Purple tire swing

with Green Chain 

encased in rubber.


Please note the side

mounted hardware

which provides a secure 

chain connection.

convert 003-x

A Blue 3pt/vertical convertible tire swing along side a Classic Cherry Red 3pt swing with yellow chain.

convert 004-x

The same blue 3pt/vertical convertible tire swing now in the vertical configuration shown with safety grips handles.

2 Swings in 1 neat package.

This Swing is only offered

at Mytireswings.

Examples of how the 3 point /convertible swing can be hung. Using the swivel hook with figure "B" can be really exciting. I believe we are the only source for this swing. 2 tire swings in 1 neat configuration.

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