The  Vertical Tire Swing comes with 12 feet of sturdy heavy Duty Rope which is  secured to the swing. (The rope is rated at over 800lbs break point and we can supply more rope if needed)

We  drill a small hole on the bottom of the swing to allow water to drain out.

 The  swing will be coated in the color of your choice (Kelly Green shown) and has white raised lettering. We can also provide the swing without white lettering  (Classic) at a reduced price. 

Side  Safety Handles are optional and can provide a secure grip for small hands.  We  also supply a rubber hose to protect the limb from damage when mounting the swing to the tree limb. Additional heavy duty rope or heavy duty chain can be added if needed. 

We can also supply a Vertical swing that can be hung on a play-set. We use Heavy duty chain connected to heavy duty u-bolts and make two connection point on top of the swing so you can connect the swing to your existing swing anchor points. 

The  Vertical tire swing is ready to hang.  Fully assembled and no additional  hardware is required.  Really easy to hang. 

See how it is done by clicking on the button. 

We  also offer a 3pt/Convertible tire swing, which can be used as a 3 point swing  and a vertical swing.  Click here for details

Hunter Green Vertical Tire Swing with optional Heavy Duty Chain support system and optional safety side handles. The heavy duty chain is a $12.00 upgrade. The Safety Grip Handles are a $14.00 upgrade

Large  Smooth Safety Side Handles are another option we can provide.

We  do not use rope handles since they can cause a rope burn and are rough on little  hands.

Here is an example of the safety grip handles that promises a firm grip.  An option that we highly recommend.

  But Wait, there's more !

A very happy young lady sitting on a Large Glossy Black tire swing with white lettering and Heavy duty yellow rope.

A hanging solution for a tree without branches.  This is not for sale..made by a very clever Dad for his daughter who loves to swing.